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China's leading intelligent manufacturing solutions provider -- digital, transparent, collaborative, intelligent innovation system platform

Electronic and electrical industry

Supply and demand balance, reasonable and executable plan and schedule

  • Develop long-term plans based on the overall plan of capacity

  • Demand and supply linkage, supply chain coordination

  • Arrange the operation plan at different levels for workshop, process and equipment

  • According to the actual implementation of the plan, the global plan tracking and change control are realized

Production process coordination, intelligent control

  • Direct process of assigning and distributing production tasks

  • Real-time display of production information of each station or process of the production line

  • In the case of many types of aircraft, the technological process of different types of aircraft is well controlled

  • Parallel production, process/production line production beat matching each other, efficient coordination

Total quality planning and control

  • Overall quality management, whole process quality data collection and traceability

  • Visualization and closed-loop control of quality event processing

  • Provide accurate data for managers to make decisions, improve production efficiency and product quality

Equipment operation and maintenance and equipment things

  • Comprehensive control of equipment asset maintenance and spot inspection

  • Real-time acquisition of on-site production equipment data, graphical display

  • Get the production quantity and online processing status of each equipment in real time

  • Equipment failure real-time display, maintenance personnel timely grasp, fast processing

Production visualization and manufacturing decision support

Collect, analyze and display all kinds of data in the order delivery process to realize the transparency and visualization of the whole production process

  • Production monitoring and performance analysis

  • Capacity load assessment and process deviation monitoring

  • Process transparency and manufacturing decision support

  • Production process coordination and exception handling integrated management


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