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    Dalian Xinhai Zhiqiao Information Technology Co., LTD. After 20 years of industry deep cultivation, has been committed to providing advanced overall solutions and products for Chinese industrial enterprises. Relying on talents, technology and unremitting efforts, the company has now formed solutions and products covering the whole process of manufacturing users, and has achieved remarkable results in the field of commercial software development. It lays a solid foundation for enterprises to go public and adapt to the needs of the large market. In order to realize more rapid enterprise development, it seeks investment to join the whole country.

●  Direction of cooperation

    Intelligent manufacturing market development and development.

●  Objectives of cooperation

    Relying on industrial informatization, perfecting advanced system software, expanding a broad and fruitful market, and pursuing the largest profit space.

●  Industry Analysis

    At present, the new round of global scientific and industrial revolution and the transformation and upgrading of China's economy have formed a new historical convergence, and the integration of manufacturing and industrialization has announced the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution.

    According to the national "13th Five-Year plan" "transformation from industrial power to industrial power", and "Made in China 2025" draw lessons from the German version of industry 4.0 plan, focus on the transformation and upgrading - industrialization, informatization "two deep integration" and other areas of our country's industry to be strengthened, and strive to transform from industrial power to industrial power in 2025. At present, many developed countries and developing countries generally use industrial automation software suite technology to build systems according to user needs to realize the control and management of complex industrial systems. From the acceptance of user orders, through the manufacturing execution System (MES) to the head office and functional departments, branches, workshops and production lines have adopted a unified data control and information platform into the management. The system development cycle is short, the operation and maintenance cost is low, the software technology can realize the seamless connection of the system conveniently and quickly, and the reliability is high, so as to realize the unified automatic monitoring and information management of the whole process from the project research, order acceptance, raw material ordering, product production, product delivery to the hands of the user, and the efficiency is very high.

    The existing user groups of Xinhai Bridge are well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The advantage of being one step ahead makes Xinhai Bridge's business philosophy, system software and development technology invincible in the industry competition. Under the background of "informationization drives industrialization, industrialization promotes informationization", the company seeks to cooperate with the outside world to enhance enterprise operation and competitiveness, quickly occupy market share and achieve the purpose of rapid growth of enterprises.

● Form of cooperation

    Cooperative management, investment injection.

●  Development planning

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