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China's leading intelligent manufacturing solutions provider -- digital, transparent, collaborative, intelligent innovation system platform

Equipment manufacturing industry

The balance of production capacity is clear

The plan is transparent and efficient, and the order is delivered on time

  • Intelligent algorithm to meet a variety of scheduling scenarios

  • Multi-level planning and scheduling, direct production planning process

  • Panoramic resource and demand analysis, planning and demand balance control

  • Comprehensive control of project progress

Improve the level of production management and realize agile manufacturing

  • Through visual management, improve the production site management ability

  • Through production material tracking to achieve optimal management, improve material utilization efficiency

  • Achieve real-time performance statistics, strengthen production related assessment

Improve the quality management level

Strengthen quality management, carry out overall quality management and statistical process control analysis

  • Strengthen process quality control, automatic correlation and judgment of quality information

  • Strengthen process quality early warning, monitor production parameters and process deviation, effectively avoid the spread of quality problems

  • Enhance the ability of quality traceability, quickly and accurately carry out the whole process of quality traceability

Equipment things, digital production

Comprehensive monitoring of equipment running status, digital production control

  • Equipment abnormal rapid response, shorten production stagnation and waiting time

  • Improve the pertinence of equipment maintenance and reduce the cost of repair and maintenance

  • Improve equipment energy consumption management level, reduce production energy consumption


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