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Tire industry

Advanced Scheduling - Creating the "Strongest Brain"

Workshop production detailed plan: perfect production control, affecting enterprise production and operation efficiency and quality

  • Full control of planning system data chain

  • Scheduling constraints, policy deduction, execution closed-loop tracking

  • Collaborative group batch, multi-objective optimization, time slicing algorithm, multi-model analysis

  • Effectively reduce waste, return glue ratio, control material cost

Give new meaning to intelligent logistics

Intelligent logistics: perfect control and monitoring of material flow in production

  • Through the host computer, sensing system, transportation system, cache system, sorting system, storage unit and other processes

  • Reduce the information uncertainty caused by personnel participation

  • Complete the traceability system of material flow

  • Realize the accurate management of edge material

  • Efficient use and reduction of production space

Reshape the height of the device IOT

  • Establish industry equipment interface standards

  • Loosely coupled interface management pattern

  • Efficiently control and monitor equipment running status

  • Complete the "health portrait" of the equipment.

  • Improve equipment utilization, ensure production plan and quality stability

Laboratory system building - line edge quick inspection center

  • Detect the digital twin of the equipment and complete the integration of equipment data and experimental data

  • It solves difficulties such as multiple report styles and cumbersome management, and opens up business flow and data flow

  • Data structure, knowledge accumulation, tracking, analysis, speed up research and development efficiency

  • Help innovation research and development, improve the core competitiveness of products

Excellent management of the workshop

Adopt ZQ SOFT workshop digital solution to make the production workshop more flexible and efficient

  • Realize the people-centered digital workshop management

  • Improve production site transparency, feedback speed, work efficiency

  • To achieve a high degree of unity of executive and personnel performance

  • Make enterprises pay more attention to HSE


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