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New trends, new models and new challenges: Zhiqiao Manufacturing——Empowering the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry


Establish quality system and optimize quality management operations

  • Paperless office, improve the efficiency of information transmission

  • The whole process, standardized quality control, let the quality management become simple

  • A variety of convenient data collection methods, manual + networking, improve efficiency and accuracy

  • Quality problem warning upgrade system

Easily connect after-sales system, complete quality recovery and analysis

  • Support and after-sales system quality feedback docking, quality data one-stop analysis, recovery

  • Realize the comprehensive sharing of quality information and complete the forward and reverse quality traceability

Data early warning analysis to achieve quality monitoring and improvement

  • Through SPC, quality control KPI, Plato, CPK and other statistical analysis techniques, improve process prevention and diagnosis capabilities

  • Scientific adjustment and improvement of machine and process based on real and accurate data

  • Real-time monitoring quality data, abnormal alarm and related responsible person, improve the efficiency of problem handling

Quality life cycle management to reduce the rate of non-conforming

  • Realize the whole manufacturing process quality management of "incoming material quality inspection - process quality inspection - finished product quality inspection - after-sales quality"

  • Set up standard quality system and control production process based on quality dimension

  • Real-time analysis and display of quality KPI, find quality problems and formulate quality solutions

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