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The lifeblood of the data warehouse

ETL ——(Extract)+(Transform)+(Load)

  • "Extract" :

    Getting data out of the various raw business systems is a prerequisite for all work

  • "Conversion" :

    According to the pre-designed rules, the extracted data is transformed to unify the originally heterogeneous data format

  • "Mount" :

    The transformed data is imported into the data warehouse incrementally or completely as planned

Data Warehouse Technology(ETL)

  • Cross-application data fusion calculation completes data extraction-transformation-loading

  • Integrate the powerful Exceptionless distributed log to troubleshoot exceptions

  • Help enterprises quickly build data pipelines between heterogeneous data sources

  • The connection of each object can be completed through configuration to meet the individual needs

Equipment data acquisition(MDC)

  • Fully support a variety of standard protocols, CNC systems, PLC, etc

  • Machined equipment, assembly equipment, testing equipment, laboratory equipment, energy equipment and other comprehensive response

  • Collect equipment data safely and quickly, and solve the data loss caused by the time difference between storage and PLC response

  • Edge computing improves the efficiency of system-device and device-device interaction

  • Support future-oriented data application expansion

Advanced and practical, strong compatibility

  • Not limited by time and space, real-time equipment data acquisition system

  • It can be seamlessly integrated with DNC, MES, APS, ERP and other systems

  • Plans are more accurate and measures are more scientific

  • According to the actual needs of users, personalized functions, interface customization

Enterprise Service bus(ESB)

  • Break system barriers and build industrial big data

  • The integration and centralization of services are realized through enterprise service Bus

  • Connect flexibly with standard interfaces for true on demand

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