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New trends, new models and new challenges: Zhiqiao Manufacturing——Empowering the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry


Easily view all information about a device

  • Help to create a complete structure tree of equipment assets, basic information, BOM structure, operation and maintenance records, spare parts use, equipment files, operation logs, etc

  • Structured and standardized management of spare parts and document information, information configuration engine technology, easy to use, operation configuration, clear application

Excellent closed-loop management to support continuous equipment maintenance improvement

  • Maintenance workers pool all maintenance plans

  • The system automatically monitors failure information, and AI algorithms help you propose preventive maintenance improvement suggestions

  • Use mobile tools to perform on-site maintenance work, such as spot inspection, condition monitoring, work order execution, fault segmentation, etc., flexible and practical

  • Build fault knowledge base, make maintenance more smooth, form enterprise knowledge assets

System collaboration, data analysis to expand the benefits of equipment management

  • Cooperate with ZQ-APS system to complete the balance between planned shutdown and regular inspection and maintenance, greatly improve the completion rate of regular inspection, and maximize the efficiency

  • Combined with management cockpit technology, visual data is presented to help visually view key KPI indicators

Energy consumption Statistics and analysis

  • Monitor critical equipment to ensure energy supply

  • Calculate and analyze energy consumption level and energy use efficiency

  • Realize energy cost sharing and provide energy consumption bills

  • Collect and establish energy consumption data kanban board in real time

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