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New trends, new models and new challenges: Zhiqiao Manufacturing——Empowering the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry


Lean Management electronic whiteboard

  • EOS electronic whiteboard to realize production data monitoring and task kanban board of production workshop team

  • Shift records, team meetings, safety training and other business needs

  • Help the team leader to implement the point to point assignment and task tracking

  • History tracing of safety, production downtime, defect analysis, etc

Make enterprise management and operation easier

  • Production staff: sign in, task, report work, Andon call, message, rationalization suggestions, learning

  • Team leader: dispatch, performance, shift handover, suggestion tracking, accident report

  • Workshop Manager: safety, quality, delivery efficiency, cost, team, environment

Real-time interworking and seamless interconnection

  • Seamless connection with MES, PDM, ERP, APP

  • Realize the basic information coordination, material demand coordination and order delivery coordination of the enterprise production workshop

  • Supervise safety, quality and cost effectively, reduce cost, optimize manpower and improve efficiency

Transparent production collaboration management

  • Relying on the SAAS platform, it integrates cloud computing and big data analysis

  • Mobile intelligent terminal equipment in one intelligent system

  • The interaction with the physical process is realized through human-computer interaction

Get rid of complexity, simplify operations, improve efficiency

  • Human-computer interaction, simplified operation and data analysis are realized

  • Set mobile Internet, point-to-point information transmission and other functions in one

  • Realize the interconnection of personnel, equipment and information, and achieve agile response to things

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