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New trends, new models and new challenges: Zhiqiao Manufacturing——Empowering the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry


Warehouse "every move", you can "capricious" view

  • Kanban KPI's have global control

  • KPI can be viewed under different roles through tile and drag configuration

  • Graphical data to give you visibility into the repository

Standard features can also make your eyes shine

  • The system realizes the warehouse management mode of "one item and many items", which greatly facilitates the material management of "discrete" enterprises and avoids the waste of cargo space

  • Material, equipment, packaging, factory information, role personnel, customer file information and other system control, through efficient middle technology, fast configuration, not leaving a detail

  • The storage information is automatically triggered, which reduces the passive discovery of information to be inspected by quality inspectors and improves the storage efficiency

  • Support flat library, shelf, stereoscopic library and other types of storage forms

  • Using the flexible safety stock policy function, combined with ZQ-APS, the intelligent early warning of materials is realized

Terminal execution, fast, fast!

  • Purchasing and receiving goods, fast warehousing, incoming material quality inspection, shelf warehousing, warehouse management, plan outbound, return and reverse warehousing, everything

  • FIFO system multi-logic combination, so that the material always keep "fresh", let you out of the warehouse time "sober"

  • Material requirements and outbound action seamless docking, the terminal is your outbound tool

Planning - delivery - logistics coordination

  • Through data interaction, interface service and other technologies, the system achieves the coordination of planning material delivery and logistics distribution

  • Improve the delivery timeliness, logistics distribution accuracy, reduce the backlog of line side materials

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