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ZQ MOM system

Help the company to adopt new technology create new value in the new era

95% Improve production efficiency and equipment operation rate
15% Improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs
45% Reduce costs and reduce employment
35% Shorten manufacturing cycle

20 years of industry experience

Provide enterprises with efficient, agile, easy-to-use industrial APP


Build a digital factory,
5 years in the lead,
10 years not behind the times.

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Achieve maximum profit,
inventory Minimum, maximum resource utilization

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Achieve the integration of computing,
communication and physical systems,
keep management simple.

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Improve equipment efficiency
and reduce equipment life cycle costs

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Deeply mining the value of data.

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New concept, new structure, new thinking
Build digital intelligent factory

The innovativeintelligent manufacturing platform
disrupts traditional industrial fields

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ZQ SOFT | domestic leading intelligent manufacturing solutions provider

Automobile industry

Advanced scheduling——the wisdom of the brain Production site——real-time control of production schedule Quality Management——A new way of quality control Equipment Management——Equipment lifecycle management

Industrial efficiency enhancement

Abnormal stop line:-15% Administrative costs:-20% Planning response:-2h

Machining industry

· Advanced production scheduling - a smart brain with a clear plan · Production site - real-time control of production schedule · Quality Management -- a new way of quality control · Device management - Device lifecycle management

Industrial efficiency enhancement

Abnormal line stops:+25% Administrative costs:-30% Response to production scheduling:-50%

Tire industry

Advanced production Scheduling -- Build the "Strongest Brain" Device iot -- Standard protocol specification + platform suite Smart Logistics -- Perfect control and monitoring of material flow Laboratory system - Create line - edge quick inspection center

Industrial efficiency enhancement

Inventory cost:-70% Non-productive consumption:-25% Unplanned outages:-60%

Equipment manufacturing industry

· Capacity balance, the solution is complete · Improve the level of production management and realize agile manufacturing · Improve quality management level, timely feedback quality situation · Equipment iot, digital production

Industrial efficiency enhancement

Product defect rate:-35% Production cost:-15% Order fulfillment rate:+10%

Electrical industry

· Supply and demand balance, reasonable and executable plan and schedule · Production process coordination, intelligent control · Total quality planning and control · Equipment operation and maintenance and equipment things

Industrial efficiency enhancement

Data real-time performance:+85% Waste of all kinds:-43% Production of written work:-73%

Assembly line

Lean logistics——Material pulling, improve efficiency Material pulling, improve efficiency——Collection and analysis of relevant KPI indicators Plan management——plan distribution, management, inquiry

Industrial efficiency enhancement

Inventory space:-50% Data real-time:+85% Waste and loss:-36%
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