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New trends, new models and new challenges: Zhiqiao Manufacturing——Empowering the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry


Multi-terminal character experience

  • Front-end (executor)

    With light weight, convenient and efficient as the core, mobile phone and PDA are recommended

  • Message (delivery side)

    The use of TV, LED, to ensure the logistics pull information transfer efficiency

  • Backend (analytics)

    Using PC, conference tablet, etc., to achieve data query and analysis

The whole process traceability based on bar code

The overall operation efficiency is improved by more than 60%

  • Establish scientific, standardized, unified bar code rules

  • Achieve one code in the end, improve the overall efficiency of the operation

  • Control the production and logistics process through various bar code labels

Build lean logistics

Improved job accuracy to 99%

  • More accurate MRP calculation, improve requisition accuracy

  • DPS electronic sorting, improve sorting accuracy

  • Multi-dimensional pull management to improve pull accuracy

ZQ DPS electronic sorting system

The picker only needs to: see (lights, numbers), pick (items), press (Confirm button), and listen (completion buzzer sound).

  • Process control of picking operation, real-time display of work progress

  • Light to guide the picking operation, highly automated

  • Standardize the layout of warehouse shelves, improve the quality of packaging and strengthen the protection of parts

Perfect basic information management

  • The ZQ DPS system automatically prompts daily BOM changes

  • The real-time changes of virtual parts are reflected in the sorting, and the BOM is flexibly changed

  • Shift management, system operation fixed personnel positions

  • Storage location management, storage location and material corresponding, and has priority

  • One yard in the end, the whole process of material traceability, operation personnel traceability

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