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New trends, new models and new challenges: Zhiqiao Manufacturing——Empowering the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry


Easily handle the challenges of complex orders

  • Based on the self-developed production scheduling logic model, it can deal with the production of different types of orders

  • Algorithm engine, precise constraints, and manual experience make the scheduling executable and operable

Liberate productivity, release production efficiency

  • Plan-on-site linkage technology to ensure accurate delivery and implementation of plans

  • Through a variety of scheduling strategies in the ZQ-APS system, the balance of capacity, efficiency and load is achieved

  • Plan monitoring and completion report management make plan execution highly transparen

Realize the collaborative span between material demand and supply chain

  • Combined with MBOM management, the differentiation is calculated to facilitate the identification of difference items by personnel

  • The material requirement list is automatically generated, so that the production material is clearly visible

  • The system automatically calculates the material requirement plan to provide efficient support for supply chain collaboration

Intelligent optimization

  • Whether long-term or short-term plans, are optimized, compared, and executable

  • Simulate parallel resources to plan for limited resources

  • At the same time, constraints such as resources, capabilities, requirements, and processes are checked to optimize the scheduling

  • Big data accumulation, constantly enrich the knowledge base in practice, self-learning and optimization in operation

Self-organizing, ultra-flexible

  • According to the principle of lean production, the flexible production mode is established

  • According to the job task requirements, an optimal structure is formed by itself

  • Quickly respond to exceptions and order changes, and plan the whole process without worry

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