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New trends, new models and new challenges: Zhiqiao Manufacturing——Empowering the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry


Focus on production and operation collaboration, data-driven

  • The system management dimension is more diversified, focusing not only on production indicators, but also on operational indicators, so as to truly reduce costs and increase efficiency

  • The production unit is no longer isolated, using the independent and controllable ZQ-MOM core platform, comprehensive business collaboration, no longer split the business chain

  • Driven by industrial big data, change the operation mode of factories

Microservices refactor your architecture to your imagination

  • Microservice framework, loosely coupled business links, and efficient expansion of front-end business

  • With a powerful system platform, system development, implementation, API services

  • Solid back-end cloud infrastructure; IoT suite and edge computing layer

Multi-terminal integration, let your enterprise enjoy higher efficiency

  • It fully supports Web, PC, MOP, PAD, PDA, APP, TV and other terminals

  • Terminal data hyper-fusion, business end, executive end, management end, three-terminal interconnection

  • Embedded social components, voice, picture, text, message interaction, make communication smooth

AI & "Virtual Digital Factory" of Process Simulation

As the information generated in the virtual world flows to the manufacturing process in the physical world, a whole new production environment is born.

• Perform adequate digital simulation, analysis and optimization

• Information transfer from production design to field execution data unification

• Process planning (virtual world) → Manufacturing execution (real world)

Big vision, small investment, put your ideas into action

  • Standing at a higher height, planning the future factory

  • With the rich and convenient expansibility of the platform, it is implemented step by step to reduce the difficulty of the project

  • Enterprise IT strategic planning, phased investment, small costs, large benefits

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