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Automobile and parts industry

Advanced scheduling - Flexible response to changing production orders

• Intelligent scheduling to achieve unified scheduling of multi-level plans, based on the homogeneity of production resources

• Make multi-level plans for body plant, frame plant and assembly plant

• Realize the step-by-step decomposition from the final assembly plan to the workshop and production plan of the body and frame factory

• Realize the collaborative linkage of supply chain production planning

Warehouse logistics - driving supply chain beats in real time

• Material delivery and pull based on JIT/JIS/KANBAN/SPS mode

• Optimize time-sharing distribution and batch distribution to reduce the material backlog in the line-edge warehouse

• Effectively reduce the inventory pressure of daily warehouse and line edge warehouse

• Cooperate with suppliers and third-party libraries (3PL) to speed up the procurement and distribution process

Connected devices - Enhanced awareness of the physical world

• Networked group control of equipment to improve equipment efficiency: automatic instruction delivery, real-time state monitoring, process anti-error control, quality trend early warning, fault intelligent diagnosis

• Digital equipment mirror model: KPI system, get KPI indicators of equipment and make statistical analysis

• Adapt to a variety of device interface protocols and data source types

• Energy consumption statistics, cost analysis; Scientific prediction and optimization of indicators

Real-time control of digital shop-vehicle point position information

• Realize the data collection of vehicle point information and reflect the production status of the vehicle in real time

• Realize the digitization of regional location, inventory quantity and status information of WIP in workshop

• Data collection of the four major workshops and the inspection process, and the construction of complete vehicle files

• Realize multi-organization and remote unified control, and direct management instructions to the site

Quality management - Quality assurance is the lifeline of the vehicle

• ANDON system, station abnormal information large screen, SMS real-time transfer relevant responsible person

• Electronic vehicle process quality inspection data collection and analysis, easy to find and analyze defects in the process

• Establish the definition of quality standards in line with industry standards and maintain the quality control plan

• Incoming material quality inspection data collection and quality judgment, realize the mutual traceability of the vehicle and key materials


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