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New trends, new models and new challenges: Zhiqiao Manufacturing——Empowering the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry


Make purchasing seamless with your partners

  • Partners are managed uniformly in the system to realize the control of procurement quota and procurement limit

  • Through ZQ-SRM system, complete the coordination of production plan, material requirement, purchase price, purchase document and drawing

  • Purchase invoice reconciliation function, so that partners and procurement staff are not "upset"

Real-time control of supplier key KPI

  • Supplier system management, let your partners grow with you

  • Multi-dimensional performance appraisal, monitoring supplier production, delivery, service and other indicators, establish supplier rating

Inventory management

  • Factory inventory Management:Provide parts inventory inquiry, facilitate timely production and logistics arrangements

  • Supplier Inventory Management:The factory can maintain and query the inventory of suppliers, make production plans and arrange procurement reasonably

  • Material reconciliation:Automatically calculate the material information that should be settled, improve the efficiency of reconciliation between factory and supplier

Quality control, ensure the quality of incoming materials

  • Use quality traceability technology to complete the quality recovery of suppliers through the platform

  • Supplier incoming quality self-inspection list, paperless management, into the quality traceability system

  • Prevent suppliers from malicious modification of batch information, and use the system to improve the rationality and accuracy of incoming material information

Upload quality records

  • Quality control point migration, complete supplier basic inspection

  • Upload supplier delivery inspection records

  • Inspection records are attached to shipment

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