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New trends, new models and new challenges: Zhiqiao Manufacturing——Empowering the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

Management Cockpit

The station manages the cockpit

  • Scheduled reception

  • Check and monitor production progress

  • Work instruction and drawing management

  • Report of completion

  • Quality self-test

  • Production Inquiry

  • Abnormal call

The crew manages the cockpit

  • Production staff: sign in, task, report work, Andon call/message, rationalization suggestions, learning

  • Team leader: Dispatch, performance, shift/suggestion tracking, accident report

  • Workshop Manager: Safety, quality, Delivery efficiency/cost, efficiency, team, environment

  • System manager: user, system parameter setting

The workshop/factory floor management cockpit

A "dashboard" for monitoring KPIs

  • Realize 3D real-time display of on-site human, machine and material information

  • Monitor workshop production, logistics, quality, equipment and other production related status information

  • Guide all departments to work together, flat management

  • A "one-stop" decision support system for management

Group management cockpit

  • Easy access to enterprise business systems, breaking the data island

  • Deep interactive analysis, full dimensional display of graphs and charts

  • Different roles are assigned to corresponding data and kanban boards

  • Meet the business data needs of personnel at all levels and positions

  • Transparency, data speak

Multi-terminal compatibility, applicable to all scenarios

  • Fully support app, web, small program, provide targeted solutions

  • Touch large screen, TV kanban board, tablet, mobile phone and other mobile terminal display

  • Cover multi-role, full scene, one-stop solution to the problem

Industrial data, big story

  • Omni-channel data pool, one-stop collection and monitoring of business indicators

  • Large screen visualization of data, more intelligent control scene experience

  • Provide a complete library of graphical interface components based on HTML5

  • A complete set of 3D graphics engine, directly linked to the database, production line digital twin

  • You can easily build modern, cross-desktop and mobile enterprise applications

Data-driven, not to be sneezed at

  • Understand the cause of data anomaly, manage the cockpit and control the overall situation

  • Business data KPI, drag-and-drop operation, independent analysis, enabling analytical thinking

  • Mobile BI, let the decision in the "palm" grasp, anytime and anywhere for managers to see the production situation, command decision-making

  • AI prediction, business-oriented augmented intelligent analysis, and cooperate with the university's own data science team to create deep application scenarios such as sales forecasting, intelligent diagnosis, and trend analysis

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