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Machinery processing industry

Construction of production plan execution capability

  • Realize multi-variety planning and scheduling based on limited capacity

  • Implement production plan to pull material demand and drive product delivery logistics

  • Accurate planning and scheduling optimize the utilization of manufacturing resources

  • The production planning, execution and feedback form a business closed loop to realize lean management

Efficient use of equipment construction

  • Equipment static comprehensive management, complete the whole process control of equipment classification management - finding problems - joining the regular inspection plan - maintenance workers single pool

  • Improve the health of equipment, complete the new leap in equipment utilization under the precise planning schedule

  • Equipment interconnection, clear grasp of equipment running status, management work targeted

  • Build a complete equipment management knowledge system to form a knowledge base

Construction of quality Traceability

  • Rapid modeling, comparison, analysis, according to the actual needs of the enterprise for each dimension of quality analysis

  • Real-time quality related data acquisition, automatic generation of quality analysis report

  • The whole life cycle quality management of "raw material quality - production process quality - finished product quality - after-sales quality"

Production Transparency Construction

  • Improve the speed of business response, improve the collaboration relationship between businesses, and prevent non-compliance transactions

  • Establish efficient and three-dimensional production management mode

  • The multi-level production kanban board enables the management to grasp the production situation in real time

  • The flow of on-site materials is transparent, reducing material accumulation and reducing the number of on-site materials

Real-time monitoring data

  • Machine tool availability and utilization analysis

  • Machine tool history information review

  • Machining workpiece information

  • Machine tool alarm and information collection, statistics


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